People Scooping Fuel from Fallen Tanker! When will they learn their Lessons?See pictures

See the pictures of some nigeria s Scooping Fuel that a petrol Tanker fell. They don't even value their lives. This reportedly happened along Lagos Ibadan express way. God have mercy on them Only a fire lit and they are all dead. See their pictures here

What Men Want in Ladies. A Must Read

The following things as seen on Khc blog are what men want in women:

1 Respect: You don't know how much men value repect until you insult them and see their reaction. The best you can do to sustain your relationship is to give him respect.If a lady is not ready to respect her husband then she should not think of marriage.

2. Approval and Praise: Men too desire to be praised and have a feel of approval not only the ladies. Your complimenting him will make him feel valued. This alone is a sustainance

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