December 17, 2014

Buy and Sell SolidTrustPay in Nigeria with

Looking for where to fund (buy) and sell your STP popularly known as SolidTrustPay at the very best prices? Look no further as Naira Exchange Services provides you with the best e-currency exchange services in Nigeria. They are still the role model when it comes to buying and selling STP, PM, Paypal, EgoPay, WebMoney e.t.c

They are reliable, honest, and scam-free. They have been in business since 2008 making them the BEST Nigerian e-currency ordering website for such services.


December 16, 2014

Best Naija Investment Referral Company in Nigeria with over 30,000 Users!

NairaInvestmentClub has come to stay! With over 30,000 members working with NIC is obviously profitable.
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December 13, 2014

Buy Cheap & Reliable BulkSMS in Nigeria

This is one of our partners in bulk messaging. owned by Netgrade Concepts provides you the most reliable and cheapest bulksms service in Nigeria. Try us today and be rest assured of excellent service.
Short Message Service (SMS) is a service that enables you to send text message from his or her phone to friends, relatives, associates and so on. It is also possible to send text message via the internet using an SMS enabled online system.

December 09, 2014 A Voluteering Website for Passionate Nigerians

Are you an individual or NGO seeking to volunteer your skills and talents towards helping people to solve their problems? Do you desire a way to showcase yourself and ideas? Then joining HandsonNigeria  can be a great start!

There are several benefits NGOs stand to gain from signing up with Hands-On Nigeria. These are three of them:

1. Help you raise volunteers: This is one of the main reasons for the creation of the Hands-On Nigeria website. NGOs may list voluntary opportunities on the website which will instantly become visible to thousands of potential volunteers.