3 Most Powerful Tribes In Nigeria, Number 3 Will Shock You!!

There so many tribes in Nigeria. The most pupolar tribe known in Nigeria are the Igbo, Hausa and Yoruba tribes. In this view, Most people from the Igbo tribe are known within their kingsmen for doing busines trading all over the world with few of them going to school to obtain degree. The igbo speaking states in Nigeria are: Abia State, Imo State, Anambra, Enugu State, Delta State, Eboyi and some other part of the country that shares some tribes with the igbos. Hausa tribe are known to be prominient tribe in Nigeria with the highest population. Most of them are well educated while majority are not educated. Most of them are well known as farmers. And they are likely the most tribe that handles the affairs of Nigeria currently. Few of their elites are well educated with Phd, associate degree and bacholar degrees. But despite that, they are not the among the most powerful tribe in Nigeria. They have highest states in Nigeria
Yoruba tribe comparises of the most educated tribe in Nigeria. They well educated and have aliens in the United Kingdom which seems to be their base. Yoruba tribe are also know for their diverse culture heritage which attracts tourist from part of the world. They are also have the second largest states in Nigeria after Hausa tribe. Most of yoruba tribes are lawyers, doctors etc. But yet they are not among the most powerful tribe in Nigeria. Here are the most powerful tribes in Nigeria 1.Kalagbaris 2.Ogonis 3.Fulanis

Top Reasons Why You Should Eat Healthy Food and Fruits - Medical Experts

Medical experts  have made it known  that good foods and fruits helps fight against disease and sickness. Most friuts are healthier to the body. Therefore, You should always adhere to eat good meal whenever you are about eating. If you do not know what to eat to get your body healthier, You can always contact your medical doctors or nurses in the fields of nutrution. Nowadays, most food marketing companies  combines lots of chemicals in preservation of food products in order for it to last long and do not get spoilt, In that process, most food or fruits lost their nutrients as a result of using too many chemicals in order to preserve foods.

Some food or fruits can helps you build a nice body shape. And also make your skin to look good. In this view, most fast food joints food are prepared with full of chemcals which contain some toxic that is not good to once body health and can course obesity. Nurses with good career in Nutriution knows much more better about the food that makes you grow execes fat in the body.

This days, the internet has made it easy for one to be able to check online the type of food one should eat and be able to avoild malnurishing meal which might be dangerous to health. As the world technology is advancing, one can also have an online degree career program on food nurtiention that can help him or her couch or teach others about healthy meals they should be eating.

Everyone should eat good friuts, sea foods and less fat meals. As we progress in this life, one should be careful and mindful of what he or she eats. Remember health is wealth,


Admissions into Cross River State College of Health Technology, Calabar

Applications are invited from suitably qualified candidates for admission into the college for the under listed programmes.
Application forms can be accessed online at from 20th March, 2017.

Click on the below link to view the various courses and requirements. 

Note: only 2017 JAMB scores will be accepted.
To access the online application form, candidates should follow the steps listed below:
1. Walk into any branch of First Bank Nigeria and pay the sum of N8,000.00 (Eight Thousand Naira) only through the College of Health Pay Direct platform.

Towards The Fight Against TB, Delta Creates 81 Centres for Diagnosis, Treatment of TB.

The Delta State government has announced the creation of 81 centres for the diagnosis and treatment of tuberculosis.The State Commissioner for Health, Dr. Nicholas Azinge disclosed this yesterday in Asaba, the state capital.

 He said the centres became necessary following the discovery of 20, 000 cases of persons suffering from tuberculosis in 2016.He said they were spread across 200 government-observed and short course (DOTs) centres.


CBN Introduces New Charges On Bank Deposits And Withdrawals. What is your Take?

The Central Bank of Nigeria has announced the reintroduction of bank charges on certain categories of cash deposits and withdrawals.
This came about three years after the apex bank stopped the charges.

In a circular to all Deposit Money Banks posted on its website, the regulator said the decision to reintroduce the charges on cash deposits was part of the review of charges on deposits and withdrawals under the cashless policy .

It said the decision was taken at the Bankers’ Committee meeting ,



This is coming from aggrevied Npower Lagos volunteers who have expressed their disappointments over the delays in posting and payments of npower stipends.
Please read the letter below and share.
Thank you.

23rd February, 2017

The Lagos State Government,
State Secretariat,
Lagos Nigeria.

Dear Sir/Madam,


Permit us to start this letter with this words: " We firmly believe that one of the primary responsibilities of government is to implement poverty alleviation program that lift millions of our citizens out of poverty and to use the resources at its disposal to create safety nets for the poor and vulnerable youth in our society". "Every Nigerian should not live below the minimum standard".- Senator Ashafa

N-Power is a Federal Government’s project in the economic, employment and social development areas.  N-Power addresses the challenges of youth unemployment by providing a structure for large scale and relevant work skills acquisition and development while linking its core and outcomes to fix inadequate public services and stimulating the larger economy.

Npower Focus areas are: Teaching, Health, Agriculture, Vocational, Technology, Community Service, Post Production and Animation.

The N-Power assessment commenced on September 21, 2016


Is Still Working? Find Answers...

This is one question that people have been asking as regards if this nairainvestmentclub is still working or in existence.
It is worthy to note that while we review this amazing incredible long lasting club who has been existing for the past 8 years we are indeed impressed that amidst other failing networks, unreliable peer to peer groups and money sharing club of all kinds. This unbelievable website has been tried and tested.

Yes! NairaInvestmentClub still rocks.

Here is a brief information to how it works:

1. You register an account FREE on the website:
2. Next, you activate your account with N3,000 only. This is a one time payment that gives you the opportunity to have assess to ebooks and packages that are loaded with information related to business, health and money making ideas.
3. That is all! Now where you make money:
4. For everyone that registers through your username on the website that also activates his/her account with the three thousands naira, you will be paid N2,000 each for life!
5. Now when your direct referrals also sponsor anyone under them, you will still be paid but this time N500 only. This is termed as indirect referral payments.

Naira Investment Club currently boasts of over 40,000 active members and still growing.
NIC as it is currently known, is the future of all Naira Online Business Programs.

It has been existing and by God's grace will continue to exist if Jesus tarries.

How do we know?
The program plan and initiative is very perfect and it is very workable looking at it critically.

If interested in joining the club go visit: to register and get started


105 Masters Scholarships At University Of Nottingham In UK, 2017

There is no harm in trying. The University of Nottingham is offering 105 scholarships for students starting full-time masters degree programmes in September 2017. Scholarships are available for full-time masters degree programmes in an area of study within the: Faculty of Engineering, Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences, Faculty of Science and Faculty of Social Science.

The aim of the Developing Solutions Masters Scholarship is to enable and encourage academically able students from Africa, India or one of the countries of the Commonwealth.

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