Cheap MINI Laptops at Cheap prices. How and Where to get them.

Now here is a Highly-demand FREE information. You may now get your very own Laptop not
as much as the high prices that you see them sell at Computer village or anywhere else but as cheap as 23,000 only from ordering your own PC online from the very  wholesale stores you are about to read and how to get them.

You can either order the Laptops for personal use or do it as a business, where you order for people and get your own Cool profits!

How to get Started:

There are three major REQUIREMENTS involved for you to have your OWN PC at hand.

1. You need a credit card.
2. The Websites of the PC sellers at the cheap rates.
3. A valid home/ or any reliable address where your system shall be shipped.

- Now having a credit card could be a difficult task. But to make things easy for you. I rather prefer that you get your own card from either Zenith Bank(Zenith Surfer card) which you can apply online @ www.zenithbank.com
OR Better still, open a savings account with any Gtbank nearest to you, and get your own NairaMaster Card which you can use to shop online. You may use this card to buy your laptops from the websites am about to reveal as long as they accept MasterCard.

- You can start browsing for cheap Laptops for as low as $90 from the LISTED websites below:

Next Important thing you need is a Valid Address where your products shall be delivered to.

You may either use your own home address or an address of a courier service nearest to you, just let them be alerted, then just go there when your products have arrived and give them some cash for helping you.

If you have any questions, you may drop your comments below.


  1. i know this sounds stupid but do they accept atm card and can they ship to anywhere in Nigeria.

  2. Yes, the companies will ship the systems down to you in Nigeria where ever you may be living.
    Concerning, the Atm Card, yes you can use your ATM to shop as long as it can be used to do online shopping like the GTBank Naira Master Card, Zenith surfer card or skybank card too/

    The options are yours to choose from. Go shopping pal!


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