E-books: How to Create, Write and Sell them online!

An e-Book is simply a short form for 'electronic book' which can also be called a 'digital book' in a soft format that can easily be downloaded on the internet. Generally,
e-books are delivered online through the Portable Document Format (PDF).

How to create an e-Book: There are many softwares that can do this job ranging from free to paid ones. A search on Google for 'PDF Converter' will provide a lot of tools and softwares you may choose from and download to your computer instantly. However, a FREE and good software that you may use is @ www.openoffice.org. What you need to do is to use the Open Office writer option to create your documents and click file and select Export as PDF. Follow the instructions that follow and you will have your document in a PDF format.

 Just like in writing an essay, there must be introduction, body and conclusion, the same goes for e-book writing. It should have an introduction consisting of an overview of what your reader should expect. Let the information go straight to the point and avoid unnecessary advertisements in your e-book.

Choosing a Niche.

What you are selling should be a product of a hungry type where the demand is huge.
Examples may include an e-book on how to play a piano, guitar, etc. How to quit smoking in 7days or less.
How to became your own LandLord within a year with your current Income Status! and so on..
It may not be on the above topics but try choosing a good niche that would solve people's problems.

Sourcing for Rich Contents.

Having quality content to write on may be a challenge when just starting. I have compiled some websites below you may use to get help for contents when writing your e-book on any niche.
- ezinearticles
- goarticles
- articlebase
- ideamarketers

You may also get PLR materials and use them and re-write to create your own unique material..

In my Future posts I shall be writing on How to Sell your E-books Online.
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Eniola Adewale

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  1. I really love to learn how to create ebooks especially now that the kindle and other iPad products are emerging.


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