How to get FREE Traffic to your Website/Blog

There are many ways to get traffic to your website either you are using paid or free mthods.
It all depends on your maximum efforts.

You need to know that without visitors/traffic to
your website, your blog/website will be of no use and
will be regarded as being DEAD!

Getting traffic may not be quite easy especially when you are just getting started to be online.
You are about to see some in exhaustible traffic ways both free and paid that you may implement today and start getting some visits from your first week.

Let's Start with Free Traffic Resources:

These are free ways to get lots of traffic to your blog/website provided you put GREAT efforts into it.

1. Article Marketing methods: There are websites that are available for you to write and submit articles for FREE. But the importance is you writing original keyword rich articles that will be indexed by the search engines and your articles can also be read by other people who may be searching for your particular subject. In this case, through your resource box, they can trace your website/blog and you get visit.
Here are Article Marketing sites where you can start submiting articles for real visitors:

- http://www.ezinearticles.com
- http://www.goarticles.com
- http://www.articlebase.com

I shall be adding more sites, but you may start with the above.

2. Link Exchanges websites: A good example is www.linkreferral.com where you visit other websites/links and in turn others too will visit your own also.

3. Community websites: An Example is yahoo answers community. There are over 11 million visitors loading this yahoo community daily where people go and ask questions for quick answers. You may take advantage of this free traffic too by opening an account @ http://answers.yahoo.com/. In my future posts I shall be writing on techniques to use to rake in thousands of visitors monthly.

 4. Social  Network: Websites like facebook.com, myspace.com etc are some of the social network sites you can start using today.

Miscellenous free ways:

5. Twitter.
6  Digg.
7. Forums. Watch out as I list out hundreds of forums in my future posts that you can use to get traffic to your website/blog.
8. Commenting on other high page ranked blog/websites.

The most important is to have a PLAN and Stick to it. Decide on the traffic tools you are going to start using and believe it... you'll start getting results soon.

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  1. I so much agrees with you on article submission and commenting. Submitting articles to directories do not only bring traffic, it also gives you enough backlinks to your site.

    Forum is also a powerful tool to generate traffic but if done properly without spamming forums.

    Thanks for the tips.

  2. Thanks for sharing this.
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