How to Make Money from Amazon.com

Amazon.com is a very popular website, infact it is rated the second Largest store/Shopping mall after Ebay. If you haven't heard about it, then you may not have been on the internet for a long time now..

Amazon is one of the Biggest brand
on the internet. Varieties of products can be found on the websites including Electronics, Phones, Computers and accessories, Jewelries,Wares etc. Due to the reputation of this great company, a lots of companies open up stores online on Amazon website to sell their products.

How to Make Money?
Amazon pioneered a service they called Affiliate/Associate program where basically you get paid for advertising or promoting these company products. You are paid a commission per sale.

Getting Started to Making Money.

1. First go here and open an account @ www.amazon.com, scroll down to the website button and click on join
associates or Amazon associates. This will lead you to another browser/screen where you can register FREE. Nigerians are accepted so don;t worry.

2.  Get a free blog by registering @ www.blogger.com, to get your url name, because amazon would ask you to supply a website/blog address (url)

3. Upon successful registration with amazon, you may then click on the confirmation email sent to your email box. Your tracking ID will be sent with the mail.

4. You may now login into your amazon associate account using your username and password.

5. Start picking products from the banner or products links area from your amazon account area.

6.  Advertise the amazon products on your websites/blog and upon every sales, you get a cool commission.

How Payment is made:
Amazon pays you a cheque monthly. Then you can walk into your bank and deposit it which takes about 21 days to get cleared.

So get going, build a blog/website, upload articles, add amazon products links, send traffic (I shall be revealing how to send traffic (visitors) to your websites/blogs very soon, Watch out!) Make sales and make money.

See an example of an Amazon blog I created here- http://www.amazonproductstore.tk.

If you have any questions, you can leave your comments below, and you'll receive quick answers from me.

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