How to Make Money in doing Bulk SMS Business.

Now, you can start making cool cash running your own bulk sms business. With BulkSMS, thousands of messages can be sent at ONCE with you choosing any DESIRED NAME which you wish to display on the receiver's phone as the SENDER'S NAME (name of the company, church, school, business etc). You can get this bulksms from sms websites like our sister website: www.sellingbulksms.com

How to Start Making Money:
You can start making money from BulkSMS business via your own BulkSMS website or even with NO capital, as a BulkSMS Consultant. As a BulkSMS consultant, you will be able to help businesses, companies, corporate organizations, churches, schools etc reach out out to their customers or loved ones using BulkSMS services.
If Telecommunication companies, Banks etc can be using such Branded SMS with the name of their banks, appearing on our phones whenever they send such messages, then, there is no doubt that companies /businesses will like to use such service to promote their businesses as well. This is what I have been doing.

Knowing how to get Started:

To make money from this business, you must first know how it works. It is very simple to send bulksms.
Once you know how it works, you must then be able to come up with a list of your target customers, which may include:
** Churches
** Companies
** Schools (especially, private schools)
** Supermarkets
** Hospitals
** Clubs
** University Departments
** Computer training schools etc

You can find many of this target customers in your immediate environment and that is why you should not let this business pass you by this year.
Once you know your target customers, then you should come up with a proposal letter in which you will let your target customers understand why they should use bulksms. This proposal letter must be compelling enough so that anybody who reads it will find it irresistible to patronize you. You can use Microsoft Word to type your proposal letter and if you want to make it more professional, you can use letter headed paper, if you know how to go about it.

How to Start with Zero Capital:

Make a list of your target customers (i.e churches, businesses, schools, supermarkets etc).
2. Set up a meeting with your target customer and use "word of the mouth" to explain your concept.
3. You can also issue a contact form in which your target customer can use in collecting phone numbers (Optional)
4. Negotiate your price for the service.
5. Get your money,phone numbers, the message to be sent and the SENDER ID to be used, from the target customer.
6. Buy the number of sms needed from your sms provider using part of the money collected from your target customer.
7. Get the sms sent and keep your profit. Don't forget to send the sms to your client.
8. Reuse the profit to get more money and get more deals with more companies, churches etc.
9. Always calculate your profit potential from each deal of service with your clients.
If you have gotten a little cash with you and you want to Launch yourself Immediately.
Then , your best bet is to have your own Reseller website where you can have your own
domain name e.g www.yourname.com. We shall help you create your own Bulk SMS Website.

- Control your own clients.
- Have your own resellers under you, and also your resellers can also have resellers etc.
- Buy units from us very cheap reseller price of N1.20 only.
- Put your own price and make 50%, 100% or even 150% profits.
- With this business, you can be raking up to N250,000 Monthly.

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