NairaLand: How to Promote your Products and Services without Being Banned!

 Today's post will help thousands of Nairaland forum members to get informed about the
necessary things they need to know if they are to successfully advertise their products and services on NairaLand without being banned. Many users
are now frustrated using the site.

NairaLand is considered the 3rd Most searched website in Nigeria according to a recent interview with the Forum owner-Seun Osewa. With over 600,000 members currently both Nigerians home and abroad and even international users, you can bet that this is a place to get maximum exposure to your website, products and services awareness. Do not under estimate the power of high trfficked website like such a forum.

Personally, I have made tremendous sales from using Nairaland alone to promote my products and get customers for my exchange service website- nairaxchangeservices.com

If you can beat this ONLY one thing which is 'HONESTY'. Then you can always have members who can trust you with their money.

Here are a few things you must take note when using nairaland:

1. Register with a unique and good username: You may not take this serious but am telling you that it is of serious concern. Can you tell me if someone with username-badboy, tries to sell you a product, wouldn't you think twice about it first cos the first impression has given a bad signal. It is advised to you a username similar to the product you will be offering..

2. Always update your forum profile:  Before even starting to post any thing on the forum, do you update your profile info? Many have made the mistake of not updating their profiles, hence they miss out on so many things. If you don't know, other members will always check out your profile page to know more about you.

3. Embed a Good Signature in your Profile Page: Your signature should be something like a space below your profile where you can write about your product and services, you should also put a link to your website, phone number etc. Your signature will always appear whenever you make any post.

4. Contribute more to Solve People's Problems: If you can always present yourself as a problem solver or help others to get help to what they are looking for, then members will always take note of your username and may even call you personally when the trust in you have reached its height!

5. Don't post Spam Related topics: Nairaland has what it calls spam detection bots on its forum and when it detects any spam related topics like hyip investments scams, forex investments, buy this schemes, and topics related to adverts which are not posted in the advert section but in other sections are likely to ban you with no pity.

6. Adhere strictly to the forum Rules before posting: You will discover that when you get to each sections they have rules guiding them to make the forum a sane one. Always read before you post.

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