Change Your Blogger BlogSpot to Custom Domain Name (Dot com) -I can Help you!

If you are reading this blog and you are also a blogger, You may not know that the blog you are reading every day (WazobiaBlog.com) was generated and customized from blogger. The  normal blogspot
that everybody knows. If you also visit WazobiaBlog.blogspot.com you will be redirected to this same page. That is either ways, you'll still land here!

Everyday, i get many people calling to have their own blogspot address changed also to a dot com- custom domain like mine.
Here are some of my other custom domains- www.reputableinvestments.com (also reputableinvestments.blogspot.com) www.datinglovemakingtips.com (also datinglovemakingtips.blogspot.com)

So if you are interested to get your own customised domain name like mine, I can help you change it.

NOTE: if anyone still visits the old .blogspot address, that you have the person will be automatically redirected to your new .com address, hence, your blog readers will not be left behind.


1. Your readers will take you serious as a seasoned blogger.
2. Your products and services will skyrocket immediately
3. People will respect your blog the more and be valued in the market if you wish to sell it any time
4. You can design it to look like a powerful website if you can handle the Layout and design well in your dashboard.

Getting your OWN Custom domain

I can help you configure your blogspot address to a new .com address.It will start running same day you make payments.

For a limited time, I am only Charging N2,500 for this service, which covers the cost of buying the domain name and configuration service.
 Get our Bank Details by clicking our Bank details page.
Kindly call us after payment and also text us your details.

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