My Own View: Fixed Odds Trading With BOM!

It is not new when you hear about Fixed Odds Online Financial trading.

It all came about in the early 2007 if am not mistaken, the advent of trading Fixed odds online began
with lots of excitement and eagerness to cash out the goldmine in it.

So many success stories have been made about it and some few sad events on our so called fixed odds trading.
Trading systems were developed by many gurus just to combat and win the market, and of course some times the platform itself.

Most popular was the betonmarket platform. Too many trades to take from different markets using different strategies.

We traded fixed odds till 2010 when we discovered that after the website had an upgrade: changing of the platform, website outlook and everything and you know as there will be software change also, things started going against the trader. More losses were recorded, than wins per each trader. Though minority wins the market generally but the loss was on the high side.
 We concluded that BOM 'BetonMarket' should be suspended till further notice. Similar experiences were encountered by some other traders who noticed the downturn.

The Early traders were the Winners, and that's my View.... If you are still thinking of doing BOM things, then You may need a guru with proof! As for me... No more Packages!

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