Common Affiliate Marketing Mistakes You Must Avoid For Your Success!

Most Affiliate Marketers have lost so much money simply because of these common affiliate marketing errors/mistake they usually engage into either
knowingly or otherwise.The following important points will help you in your success with affiliate marketing

1. Not Using the correct affiliate program before embarking on Promotion: You need to make your research thoroughly before starting to promote the product. How relevant is the product to the niche that you are targeting? Do not just embark on a product because of its high commission only. There are other factors to consider.

2. Not Paying for Your Own Domain and Hosting: Don't over look the important of a paid domain for your business. You appear more serious minded when you get a paid domain and hosting to promote your products to your visitors. There are many unpaid and unprofessionally looking hosted sites everywhere on the internet. Getting a $10 domain from Godaddy or Lovingdomains and maybe a $5 monthly hosting won't empty your stomach for life! It really helps.

3. Not Writing Your Own Sales Copy Ad: Sit down, shun out articles daily and post to your lists and website. Take time to tweek your advert and to suit your target audience and subscribers. Your ad shouldn't be the same with your merchant!

4. Not Creating a Squeeze Page: Your Major priority in Affiliate Marketing is not just to make sales, but also to capture your leads before sending them to the affiliate product website. After spending your time and money to get some one to click on of your affiliate links then they leave the product site without purchasing, you would have wasted your time and resources...Set up a squeeze page where you will direct your visitors to and collect their names and email address before sending them to the main page. This is to enable you follow up and by contacting them through series of mails and reminder and of course free e-course. The main goal here is to be in the minds of your customers.

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Eniola Adewale

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