High Yield Investments (HYIPs), Paid to Read Stuffs... etc. My Story and How you can Learn

It is of no doubt that most newbies and early beginners in online business who are looking for ways to make money on the internet would always come across juicy
offers on the internet. Talk of HYIPs and Paid to Read and Clicks program, they are the newbies attraction at the early time. If you are truthful with me you will know am telling the truth, except you are the type that had a mentor when starting out. In my own case, I had no mentor to put me through the Internet business so it was no doubt I ventured into this online scams too.

What is the point Here?
 Today's post is just to alert you about very easy online scams that people can get themselves into. High Yield Investment Programs have always existed and will always exist. In the early days of e-gold, e-bullion up till today where we have liberty reserve, perfect money and web money.They have taken the order of the day. It is not a blessing and a curse that they shall always exist and be there for their victims.Though, very few Hyips will be there to serve its members for up to 3 years or thereabout. 90% wouldn't last for up to 1year even 6 months.
I also ventured into Hyips about 4years ago and was just lucky to come across the ones that lasted for 2 years. But the late birds got their fingers burnt!

If you must venture into Hyip you must consider so many things and the Highest Thing you must know is that Don't EVER Invest what you CAN'T afford to loose!

Going for Paid to read programs like paid to read mail, paid to click, paid to write etc.. 99% are time wasters. What do you want to do with cents? That is what they pay you to read mails and those ones that claim they pay $1 per click and $100 per email read are bunch of lies and scammers. Don't ever go near them!

Eniola Adewale
CEO WazobiaBlog.com

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