How to Increase/Skyrocket Your Adsense Income.A must Read!

Today, as an Adsense practitioner and Blogger. I want to give you simple but sure killer tips
to increase your adsense revenue monthly to 100%. You must follow the below
steps critically, religiously and consistently

You may be wondering what the hell, Google Adsense is?
In simple terms, it is a way to earn a residual income by working for Google online.This is done by placing relevant adverts on your website/blog and when you receive visitors on your website/blog who eventually click on those adverts served by Google, you get paid instantly into your Adsense account. Many Nigerians are making cool cash monthly without doing much work through this simple Google Program.

Easy Ways to Earn More Money into Your Adsense Account:
1. Write good Content: You may have always heard that having a good content is a very headway to start in your adsense venture. Without having quality and good content, you may not have steady, regular readers and not only that, you may be short of relevant adverts displayed on your blog/website. Content is King!

2. Shun out Articles daily or Weekly: You may always attract the search engines and pings when you always update your blog. Search engines love consistency. Don't just create a website and abandon it. Try as much as possible to write good quality content daily or 3 times in a week. It will give you overall joy at the end. Quantity matters too!

3. Choose High Paid Keywords: When choosing keywords for your website, always go for the top rich keywords related to the nich you are writing on. We have seen keywords that go for as much as $10 per click. Some advertiser pay as much as $50 per click.

3. Blend your Ads with your site: When choosing the adverts fonts, blends etc. Always ensure you blend your adverts color and background with that of your website. It helps, so the visitor wouldn't notice it much when landing to your page.

4. Traffic is Important: In all you are doing, don't every leave out your traffic methods and strategies. How are you getting traffic? Do you pay for traffic from irrelevant sources that go against Google's' terms?- This may get your account banned you know?

5. Send out mails regularly to your list: Sometimes, I may just create an informative page and splash it with adsense. I then send out a mail to my list/subscribers directing them to that page. This often helps so much. Try t out?

6. Get Involved in third party websites? You may want to start posting at hubpages that allows you to register and also input your adsense pub ID. Whenever, you write, your contents comes with adsense and you share the revenue 50:50 with hubpages.
Let me stop here for today.

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