How to Safe Guard Your Liberty Reserve Account. Avoid being Hacked!

If you own a Liberty Reserve account or other similar online payment options, then today's post will be beneficial to
you cos you'll learn quick ways to safe guard your liberty reserve from Hackers online who are desperately looking for preys that they can tamper with.

How to Safe Guard Your Liberty Reserve and other Payment Accounts online:

1. Always Scan your Computer for Viruses/Malicious Softwares: This is a significant way to ensure that your computer is free from viruses and spywares that are ready to steal relevant information from your system. To see our previous posts on how to safeguard your system against viruses, click here

2. Never Click on Links in your Email: This is another way that scammers/hackers are using to outsmart some people who are always eager to click on email links without carefully examining the mails. I and many other people have always been receiving scam mails telling you that your Liberty Reserve has been suspended that you should update your account to continue using it, they now give you a link to a fake liberty reserve website to click on. If you have done or did this before, then you have entered their trap. Don't EVER READ such mails, when you see them just DELETE the scam mails. It is not from Liberty Reserve!

3. Be Careful to use Cyber Cafes: Many have lost their money through this means. If you are going to use cyber cafes, be very much careful because there are cafes who are carefully monitoring what you are doing with their systems and if you are not aware, they bang on your account anyhow!

4. Use a Separate Email for your Liberty Reserve transaction: So that you don't need to be opening it every time and increase the risk of being scammed.

5. Be Careful of HYIPs/Paid to Read Stuffs: These guys can have some bad softwares they may use to record your login details as you are using their websites to make deposits and transfers. Be warned!

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