How to Zip/Compress Large Files For Faster Online Delivery

You may have had to worry about sending multiple/large files over the Internet which may contain pictures, videos etc to another person's email, It can be frustrating to
send such files without first compressing or zipping them which will make them look very small and easily be downloaded by the recipient.

Some people do not know how to zip or compress file and by following the below instructions you are sure of knowing it today:

1. Open the directory (desktop/my document) where the files you want to compress are.
2.Create a new folder which can be done by right clicking the side of your mouse,then follow New in the menu that shows up and click folder. A folder with the name 'New Folder' will be created on the directory.
3. Drag and drop your files into the new folder.
4. Right Click the folder and scroll down to the 'Rename' option, click on it and give the folder a new name you like.
5. Right click the folder again and scroll down to 'Send to' option.
6. Mouse over the 'Send to' and a window will appear that gives you the option called Compressed/zipped folder.Click on it.
7. Scroll through your documents to located the file you named that has what appears to look like a zipper on the front of it. That is now your zip/compressed file that you have now created. This file may now be used to upload into forums, send to through emails etc.
Eniola Adewale

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