Sites.Google: A Simple Software to Design Amazon Affiliate Websites.

Now for a very easy way to launch out your own Amazon Affiliate program. If you really like to own your own simple website. You can start with a free tool
that Google has provided called sites.Google.

To create your website, kindly logon to www.sites.google.com and register FREE, then you can start creating your website pages, choose templates, add your content, input adsense, add amazon product links and widgets etc.
Also note that If you are applying for an adsense account and you pass through this means. It is very much easier and faster to get your adsense approved than other ways, because this website is a free design tool by Google and your application will be looked into faster than any other one.

www.AmazonAffiliateStore.tk is a website I created using the Sites.Google.com free software, It really helps you to get easier options when designing an amazon afffiliate blog/website.

But one thing is that the domain you will be given will be a very long one.You will have to go and redirect it using site like mydot.tk which will give you a free domain re-direction.

Don't forget to check out my amazon affiliate website and see if you can create something like that for yourself: www.amazonaffiliatestore.tk.
Happy Amazon Affiliate Marketing

Eniola Adewale
CEO WazobiaBlog.com

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  1. Sites.google.com? Am just reading this for the first time. I never new such a facility exist in Google's programs. I will open an account and hope my adsense account gets faster approval as you said.


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