UBA: The New Minimum Balance of N25,000 & Another Option you can go For!

Though the Information may not be new to some people especially UBA customers who may have been seeing the Banner displayed on the wall of the Bank and through some text messages sent to their phone about the New UBA Banking policy that starting from
October Next Month, every account holder of the bank must have a minimum balance of N25,000 in his account otherwise his/her account will become inactive.This does not exclude savings account holders.

So I quickly went to the Bank today to demand for more information.

Now, to further help account holders of the bank, If you can't afford the minimum balance of the N25,000 policy, you can go for another option which the bank has adopted to serve you better. In view of this, you can open another account called The 'UBA Visa AfriCard' which you can open and has a minimum balance of N1000 only. Now obtaining the New Card is quite easy, and I just got mine. When you are applying tell them you want the Instant card type, this does not carry your name on it,there is another type which is called personalised- This carries your name but the process is long and can take up to 2 weeks before it can be ready for collection. If you are like me that like things to be done sharp sharp., you will go for the Instant Visa Afri Card type. This was the one I got!

Requirements in Obtaining the Visa Prepaid AfriCard:

1. If you an existing UBA customer, then all that is required of you is to submit your one passport and a photocopy of an Identification document either driving license, national ID card etc.

2. Fill the simple form you'll be given and everything will be done within 20 minutes.

3. You are also required to go to the bank with at least N1000 to deposit into the card through the account number you'll be given.

After which, you shall be given your Visa prepaid Afri Card and the pin form to change your pin at the ATM (this is compulsory to activate your account).

You can also log online at the website www.myubaafricard.com to access your account. There, you may make online transactions through transfers from card to card, balance enquiry and history. You will also be given a WEB PASSCODE including your password to login online at their website.

Charges on the AfriCard:

- According to the Banking policy on this new VISA Afri Card, you will be charged N100 for each deposit made to the Card and N50 from using the Bank's  ATM machine every time and N100 from other machine.

That is it about this UBA Visa Prepaid 'AfriCard'


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