How to Cash Your Adsense Cheques in Nigeria.

Many a times, people have always asked me how could they cash their Google adsense cheques without hassles in Nigeria. Many have been told that they can receive their adsense earnings through Western Union this is a false. If you look critically to your adsense account and check the list of countries that Google is sending payments through western union to, as at the time of writing this, Nigeria
is not included in the list of countries.

The payment option available to Nigerians is ONLY through Check. I received my first adsense cheque in 2009 and even till date, you can always receive your payments using the check method which will be mailed to your contact address here in Nigeria. Many Nigerians are running Google Adsense program and if you are yet to receive your own check, then following the basic facts below will be of help to you.

 How to go About it?
- The first thing you need to have is a domiciliary account with a Nigerian bank, preferably Gtbank. Personally I use them and it's been wonderful especially when it comes to clearing your adsense checks.
- Opening a Dom account requires that you have a savings/current account with the Bank, This is a must before you can proceed to having a domiciliary account which will be domiciled in Eur or USD.
- You may wait for your adsense check to arrive first and then take it to the bank and tell them you want to open a dollars account to put your foreign check. You account will be instantly opened.
All that is required is:
  - Two passports, A valid identification document either National ID card, Driver's licence, or International passport., Proof of Home address using either water or Nepa bill.

- You will also need to provide 2 reference, who will recommend you to the bank. The referees must be current account holders of the bank (Gtbank) or any other banks.  But I always prefer, using current account holders of the bank because the verification process will be fast unlike using other banks customers.

After following the necessary procedures, your account should be opened within 2 weeks or less. You will receive a text from the Bank containing your account details and other relevant information.

You may then go and deposit the check and it will be cleared within 21 days, they may take little charges like $10. The same applies to all other affiliate cheques like clickbank, amazon etc.


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