How to Open a ClickBank Account as a Nigerian.

Many Nigerians who are interested in venturing into affiliate marketing may not just have been frustrated out due to the fact that most affiliate marketers promote
Information/digital products which is the fastest way to get fat and good commissions. Now, there is no doubt that the best affiliate network to get started promoting digitally delivered products is @ ClickBank.com. The Sad news is that ClickBank does not accept Nigeria in their list of countries,but that doesn't mean you can't register as a Nigerian on their website. You may even use a Nigerian IP to log into the website unlike paypal.

Now How to get an Account at ClickBank:

1. Log into www.clickbank.com and click on Sign up. OR click here
2. You will be asked to fill out a simple form.

Something like below

ClickBank Signup Form

Use your mouse, or tab and shift tab to move from blank to blank.
* Required
Where shall we send your checks?

How can we contact you?

Select an account nickname for your new account
‡ the account nickname you choose will be the "ClickBank ID" for your account. It will be visible to the customer every time we sell one of your products, and will appear on the memo line when we send you a check. Keep in mind that the account nickname cannot be changed once your account has been opened.

Please Note: that the form above is just a sample of what you will see on their website:

What you have to do is to fill in a foreign address where you will receive you cheques. You may temporarily choose a virtual address online but preferably UK address where you will not have issues like social security number. If you have someone abroad that you can use his/her address for your registration, it will be better.

But if not, while you are temporarily using a virtual address which you can get online by just typing uk addresses on Google. You may have to subscribe for a one year virtual post office address where your cheques will be mailed to, an example is the http://www.my-uk-mail.co.uk/ . They get the cheques for you and forward  it to your home address in Nigeria.

Put your phone number, email id and your real names  in the space provided,
There you go, Go and Register and become an Affiliate Marketer!

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