Simple Wealth Creation Magic You Must Follow.

Everybody goes everywhere in search of money for their daily up keep. You and me as well are not exempted from this phenomenon. Everyday by day we look for what will benefit us in our surroundings and localities in order to make an ends means.

 Despite all the eagerness and the willingness of people to make income for themselves and their families, we discover that they have failed to understand the integral part of money making in life.
The problem that people have with understanding of money making is that they not
understand the driving force or the pivotal factor behind in-flow of cash in any situation.

A man may possess huge amount of money may be through a particular generous gift from relatives or friends. He could have inherited properties that are worth millions of Naira, if he does not know how to maintain these valuables by the simple observance of laws of money making; such a person will loose everything within a short period of time. Investments of countless numbers of investors have collapsed as a result of improper understanding and perspective of
money making. Before a man can be able to make money in life, he must first and foremost understand the ethics through which money works. In economics, we discover that there was nothing like money before, about donkey centuries ago; yet people were still transacting between themselves. How possible?  Well this is the logic.

A man who has yam tubers in the farm and some other farm produce cannot satisfy his needs through his own produce holistically. He would have to buy some dresses in the market to wear, he would want to buy possibly red oil  and vegetable  oil or whatsoever he may have get to complement his effort.  We were told that what these people do whenever they are in need of what they have not is by barter and I am sure you have heard that before.

Now let us consider a situation whereby a man was living on
earth during the period of trade by barter and he does not cultivate any farm land, neither does he engage himself in the work of the craftsmen nor learn how to fabricate because there were factories then that could fabricate though locally. How would such a person like this survive? No it is impossible he cannot survive. It is either he dies of hunger or he swallows his pride by becoming a slave to his peers in the community.
I do not know how the context of this is being interpreted
or deciphered to you.

But the morale of what I am is that you cannot make money without having a service to render in your community or at international level. Having a service of your own is very much
important no matter how relegated it may be in nature.
When you have a service to render, there are other people who will be in need of such a service and so they will always call for you, it is a universal law.

No man can be self dependent, from now till ages to come, every man would always be interdependent of another mans services and technical know how; and will in advance help to keep the economical system of your nation in balance if not that of the world.

Eniola Adewale

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