Top Tips For Getting A Girl To Chase You.

This article is specifically for guys who want girls to start chasing them. If you really want a girl to want you and not just like you. Then read on...
There's a difference in a girl liking you and wanting you badly... You need to know this fact. There's a big difference between "like and love".

Loving somebody means deeper feelings that cannot be dismissed. To get a girl want you is far more than having a good personality and good looks. The tips in this article will help you fire
up your chances with girls wanting you!

If you have been spending a considering amount of time with a girl, had numerous dates, had conversations on so many things. After sometime, it will be time for you to know what she really want of your relationship or if she does want a relationship with you. Pay attention even to the smallest details about her. Girls have desires she does not share with anybody, even to her closest friends. Knowing what these desires are and making them a reality is a great way to getting a girl to want/love you.

Another Important fact is to always put a distance. Don't underestimate the power of absence. When you put a distance sometimes, it will induce longing for you more on her part.
Generally, girls crave closeness and when they realize that you are the kind of guy who is always willing to spend time with her, she will eventually lose interest in you. Appear to be a man who has many things to do with his time even if you really don't. That is why girls like jerks more than nice guys. Show her that you are busy and have a life of your own too.

If you usually call her 3 or four times a day, try to limit it to one or two but do not neglect to be the same sweet and endearing guy that she had grown to like.
It is not a matter of keeping up pretences but rather it is a way to maintain the mystery and excitement between the two of you. This will put the fire burning and she will always miss you so much thereby putting more fire into her bones and heart about you.
Be Unpredictable!

Eniola Adewale

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