Why Google Adsense is not for Everybody.

Many think venturing into Google Adsense is an easy job... Adsense program is not for lazy folks.If you have been thinking that making money with adsense is quite easy without having good content and quality traffic, then you are on the wrong side. For you to start making a living out of adsense, you need to know that traffic matters and I mean genuine quality traffic.

With the mind set of get-rich-quick syndrome that many Nigerians have, if you are not the patient type, you may find adsense program very frustrating. It's very hard for you to come by someone around your neighborhood with monthly adsense cheques. I have known many people who have adsense account for years with little cents still in their account.
It takes much of hard work, regular posts, article writing, different traffic generation methods and all available genuine traffic means to increase your adsense earnings.

This is what many people fail to understand in this residual source of income. Though adsense may not make you rich overnight, but the likes of Seun Osewa of Nairaland and Joelcomm of adsense-secrets may have a different story to tell and many other Internet Marketers who have resigned to adsense to earning a living online.They are making thousands of dollars monthly.

  Above is a snapshot of one of my Adsense Cheques during the early days I started adsense back in 2009.
You may not have reached the thousands of dollars monthly like them, but with little work day by day you will get there.

It may even take you months before you get your first cheque and believe when the first cheque comes, it'll now beome a monthly routine for you and the checks will start rolling in when you least expected.

If you are serious to learn how Adsense really works, I have 2 Ebooks that will expose all the secrets to you.  I personally wrote one my self and another is from an Adsense Guru online that is yielding thousands monthly from the program. I believe these two e-books will be of help to those who are action takers.
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I hope this helps...

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