Avoid Fake and Scam Traffic Methods.

For those of you who are still looking to buy traffic from some so called genuine websites, you may need to be very watchful and careful because many of such traffic buying methods are scams. The following article will help you to detect a scam traffic website/method. If you indulge in them, you may cause yourself some harm by getting your adsense account bannned.
There are many scams out there to look for. For instance, if the traffic seems to be very cheap in price,
then one of the following could be true:

The traffic could be generated by a script or program
The traffic could be coming from an auto-surf exchange
The traffic could be generated by spyware/adware programs
The traffic could be auto-refreshed to rotate campaigns

Generally you can tell if traffic is real or not by trace routing the IP addresses of the visitors. Fake traffic tends to have very high percentages of anonymous proxy addresses or dead-end/not-in-use IP addresses. If the traffic is being generated through an auto-surf exchange or if the traffic is being auto-refreshed, you will be able to tell by the length of the visits. If you see that the majority of the visitors are all staying for exactly the same duration of time, then odds are is that auto-surfing or auto-refreshing is to blame.

Eniola Adewale.

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