Five Steps to Owning Quality Domain Names.

Owning high quality domain names for your business or for your own individual use is one of the key ingredients when it comes to commanding enviable exposure in the digital world.
Millions of internet domain names are available for immediate purchase. But, you need to put some thought into what you want your domain name to be before you actually register it.

It's true that while you might come up with a catchy name (or find quality domain names that have expired) and want to "buy that domain name right away," and forever lock it up quickly for your own use, be careful.
we are going to go over ten things to consider before you pick out any quality
domain names. You want to choose the right name, don't you? Remember the domain name you choose is going to be an extension of your business or yourself in the digital world.
Your goal therefore is to get quality domain names for once and for all.

1. Your Extension:
Your extension that you select tells people where you're and in some cases whom you want to attract. A .ca extension will tell customers that you're operating out of Canada, for example.
If country specific extensions are not that important for you, then it's better to pick a less specific extension like .com, for greater coverage. Read more about top level domain name extensions so as you know which one is best for your quality domain names.

2. Discount Domain Names? Be careful:
You'll need a reputable registration service to properly register your good and quality domain names. Although "discount domains" services are rife on the internet, you have to be careful before you buy from one of these organizations. Often times, these are little more than scam artists who tell you they'll register your domain, but then will use it for their own purposes. Before you buy, be careful.

3. Keyword Counts: 
When it comes to choosing quality domain names, keywords count. Whenever possible, it's highly recommended to insert one or two keywords into the name which to use as a domain name. Why would you want to do that? It's because search engines use such keywords to find your domain name.
Including keywords in domain name may help your domain name to rank higher in the search engine results.

4.  Get Short Domain Names: use short rather than long names as your domain name. They're easier to spell and easier to remember, too. Highly ranked sites tend to have short quality domain names.
If you want to own unique quality domain names, try if at all possible, to register a non-hyphenated domain name that's completely original to your business or you.

5. The Company Must Be Accredited:
Reputable companies will have accreditation status, such as through ICANN. Companies often seek accreditations because they know it makes them look better to be part of a group that enforces good business practices.
If they're not accredited, that doesn't necessarily mean there's anything wrong with them, but it could.
You may want to read more here: http://domainnames.nikenya.com/quality-domain-names.html

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