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The following questions and answers may be of help to your if you are thinking about taking your next travel using flyaero.com right from Nigeria, but especially made for booking on the internet. As at the time of writing this article, everything made on this article are valid, but trying visiting their website if you may need further clarifications on any issues. The below is to give you a quick guide. 

How do I make a booking on line?

You will need to visit our website at www.flyaero.com and follow the procedures

Can I pay for a ticket at any Aero office and have it picked up at any other location? 
Yes you can book and pay for a ticket and send the reference to someone else who will use his/her picture ID to travel from another station.

Can I do a name change on an existing booking? 
Name changes are allowed only on our flexible fare tickets. Please check the fare rules before purchasing.
I tried to book on line; my card was debited but my booking was not confirmed.
You may need to wait a while to see if there will be a reversal of your fund from your financial institution. Otherwise, please send an email to customercare@acn.aero or tickethelpdesk@acn.aero to process your reversal with the bank. You will also need to make another booking for your impending trip while the reversal is being processed. This rarely happens, however it is an error in the systems interface and you are not being defrauded.
Where do Aero flights take off from and what locations does Aero operate to? 
Aero Contractors is constantly developing routes; please check your schedule on our website before making your booking.
Can I make a booking on line and pay at the airport?
This You can book on Hold an pay at any Bank Branches nationwide.
Where do I find low fares on your site? 
Our lowest fares are subject to advance purchase and availability,Click here to book lower fare so you may have to search a number of dates to get the fare you want, especially on busy days such as holidays or peak times.
Does Areo have any current promotion?
Aero has the lowest fares from as low as N3,000. This is actually better than any promotion. It is part of our fare structure and not limited to time. Keep checking our website and the media. We are offering the lowest fares in Nigeria .

Why do I need to upgrade promo tickets when rescheduling.
Low fare tickets are not flexible. They therefore need to be upgraded to a flexible fare before the conditions of flexibility can apply.

Do I lose my non-flexible ticket if I do not fly with it?
No, but the ticket has to be upgraded to a flexible class of ticket to enable you use it.

Why are some of your fares so low?
Aero chose to make available fares from as low as 7,000 naira in order to attract a new sector of the society who would ordinarily not think of flying especially those who cannot normally afford to fly very often, or people who have never flown before. Now they have an opportunity to do so with Aero. We want people to fly with us more for less, and that is a pledge we intend to keep. We are constantly reducing our costs and we pass that saving on to our customers by providing the lowest fares in the market.

Why can’t I get cheaper fares across the counter?
Our lowest fares are only online, usually with an advance purchase requirement, thus we do not offer them for sale at the airport counters on departure.

If I do not show up for my flight, can I still use my existing ticket?
You can use your existing ticket if it is still valid and you will need to pay a no- show fee of N3,000 if you missed the flight without prior change notice.

Why do I have to pay a no show fee.
When you miss a flight without informing us in advance to free the seat, the airline loses revenue on the seat that could have been sold to another passenger.

Can I check in on line?
Yes, you can check in on line on all our domestic routes (Click to checkin online ). Please check Terms and Conditions.

Why is child fare almost equivalent to some adult fares?
Child discount is only offered on our available flexible fares.

Why must my infant have to pay on a flight?
The payment is meant to cover the baby’s insurance as all passengers on board have insurance coverage.

When I pay an infant fare; does the baby get a seat?
Infants are not entitled to seats as they are unable to sit on their own. The accompanying adult would have to carry the infant using a single strap seat belt.

Can I book my infant on-line?
Yes you can, by selecting ‘’INF” for infant

Why must reservations for unaccompanied minors be done at the airport.
This will enable the ground staff put logistics in place for the minor. We require the parent/guardian to fill in and sign indemnity forms.

Why does your airline check-in two hours before flights especially for the early morning flights?
We check-in early to ensure we depart on time. Also at busy times security checks can take longer. However we offer several flight options for a customer to select what is convenient for him/her. We also have online check in for hand luggage customers only.

Can I book a one-way flight on your website?
Yes you can; when you select ‘’one way’’.

What happens to my money on an aero reloadable card when the card expires?
You will need to contact aero sales unit for a new card/reactivation.

How can I obtain your Etranzact card?
Please visit any of our offices closest to you to obtain our Aero reloadable travel card.

Are taxes included in the price of my fare?
The price of the tickets includes taxes and fees which are imposed on air transportation by government authorities. Taxes and fees, which may represent a significant portion of the cost of air travel are either included in the fare or shown separately in the “TAX” box(es) of the ticket(s).

Is my ticket refundable or transferable?
Unfortunately tickets are NOT refundable or transferable. However your ticket is changeable, but will result in penalties and possibly increased fares.

Is any type of cancellation insurance available?
No, cancellation insurance is not available.

Do I have to pay full fare for an infant?
You do not have to pay full fare for an infant but infants pay a certain percentage of what adults pay though much lower. An infant is a child under two years of age not occupying a seat. Once children reach their second birthday, they must be seated in an approved seat. Each additional child under 2 years of age accompanying the same adult passenger will pay the applicable accompanied child’s fare whether they are occupying a seat or not.

Should I check-in at the gate?
If you have reserved a seat assignment, you must check-in. Reserved seats are subject to cancellation if not claimed at least 40 minutes prior to scheduled departure time .

What is required when I check-in?
ALL ticketed passengers must show positive identification at check-in. Children must have a parent present at check-in. Tickets must be in each passenger’s name.

What is required with International travel?
An international trip may require valid travel documents such as:
1. Passport
2. Visa
3. Re-entry permit
4. Health certificate
5. A ticket for the return journey or continuance of your trip
AERO is NOT responsible for such documentation. You are responsible for the proper documentation. Concerns about the required travel documents may be resolved by contacting the appropriate consulate or embassy. Members of the ECOWAS countries do not need visas to enter other ECOWAS member countries.

How do I make a reservation?
Reservation can be made and ticket purchased at Aero sales and ticketing offices, authorized travel agents, and via online booking service.www.flyaero.com

What if I lose my ticket?
Aero does not have tickets but E-bookings which are safe in our system.

What if I have to cancel my flight?
Please cancel your reservation as soon as you intend to change your travel plans. Flight changes or cancellation should be made at least 3 hours prior to flight departure. No-show penalty will be levied if you fail to cancel your booked reservation..

If I cancel, can I get a refund? 

Refunds may be granted if a refund application is filed with Aero not more than 30 days after the ticket’s expiration date. A service charge is assessed to cover refund processing. The fee varies depending on the country; please contact Aero office in your area for details.

What does the PNR codes on my booking mean?
The PNR (Passenger Name Record) is your Reservation or Reference Code and it is used to access all your flight data and personal information provided by you on our system and its unique to anyone per reservation.

What if my child must travel alone?
Aero aids Unaccompanied Minors with a mininium age of 5 years, provided they comply with our rules. The parent must go to Aero office in person to complete a form providing details of the parent or guardian who will see the child off and will meet the child on arrival. When the child arrives at check-in, ground staff will help him/her complete formalities. They will accompany the child to the aircraft and introduce him/her to the cabin attendants who will care for the child during the flight. At the destination, ground staff will escort the child to meet the parent or guardian designated on the form.

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