How to add Free Feedjit Form to Your Website/Blog.

Feedjit is a traffic tracking device or tool that you can easily put on any of your blogs or websites and know where your visitors are coming from. With the software on your blog/website, you can easily track  the number of pages your visitors are reading most and how well they are navigating your posts and pages.

With FeedJit, you can keep track of your search engines performance and know where your traffic is coming from.
If you have a blog of any kind, word press or blogger, you may want to quickly add this tool to your site and enjoy the benefits that follow.

How to Add a Feedjit Live Traffic Feed to your Blogger Blog:

1.            Visit Feedjit.com
Then Chose One of their  offers
a.            Feedjit Completely Free (This can serve you well).
b.            Feedjit Advanced Free 10 day trial
c.             Feedjit Pro Free 10 day trial
2.            Click on sign up
3.            Select blogger > Then Click on Go
4.            Then Click to open a new window and install on blogger
5.            Logging your blogger account
6.            Click on add widget
7.            Then adjust you Feedjit > that’s all
If you cannot add feedjit by above instruction see Alternate simple way to add it
1.            Collect HTML Code Form  Feedjit
2.            Then Just logging your Blogger account
3.            Click on Navigate to Layout > Page Elements in your blog .
4.            Click on Add a Gadget in the Sidebar
5.            Click on  HTML/Javascript (+)
6.            Paste the HTML code in the box .

7.         Then save.

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