How to Obtain and get Credit Card in Nigeria. Do shopping online with ease!

If you are among the thousands of Nigerians who have been searching for an easier access to shop online using a credit card but you do not have one and don't know how to go about it, then the information in this article will be of great help. You now have the information at your finger tips on what you should know about getting your own virtual or plastic credit card either Visa, Master Card, Verve etc

What a heck is a Credit Card:
It is an easy and online payment option mostly used to make and receive
payments online. A credit card may sometimes be linked to a Bank account if so wish, but with so much developments in place, to get a credit card may not necessarily be linked to a bank account, but what you just have to get is a credit card account for instant deposit to your card and withdrawal.

A credit card may be in the form of Visa, MasterCard, Verve, etc what ever the name applies to the company backing it up.  In addition, you may get a credit card in an electronic (popularly known as virtual creditcard (vcc) or plastic form, which is handy and could be used for withdrawals from any ATM or POS Terminal.

How to Easily get a Credit Card in Nigeria:
 There are many ways to get credit cards in Nigeria depending on the type you need. Many Banks in Nigeria are now issuing credit cards that can easily be utilized online and across Millions of ATM across the world. Gtbank, SkyBank, FirstBank, UBA are some of the participating banks I am currently using that can easily provide you with a normal savings account credit/debit card that can also be easily used to do online shopping over the internet.

Though, many of these banks have their own statutory policies governing the use of their credit cards/debit cards, you only need to get clarifications and the necessary documents usually stress free to get.

How to Get Virtual Credit Card in Nigeria:
As earlier stated, you may also opt for the virtual credit card, which performs the same functions as the normal plastic credit card above. The following websites at at now can provide you with virtual credit card. But wait, this virtual credit card details would be sent to your email address from where you may use the details to do your shopping.

You would be provided with the credit card number, the CVC, and the expiry date of the card and some other information where necessary.
In this case, you do not need to go to any bank to order for a credit card or open a savings/current account.
The following website will provide you with virtual credit card and ensure you make your own personal investigation before using them:
- card444.com
- vccguru.com

Hope this article helps...

Eniola Adewale

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