How to Spend Your Investment Yields:Taking the Right decisions!

  Today, we have a, lot things that serve as capital goods and commodities that could be regarded as depreciating commodities in nature. Commodities such as cars and electronics gadget will always be in depreciative form from now till ages to come. The latest brand of car that you buy today cannot be sold at the rate at which it is being bought whenever you are ready to dispose it. It is either you sell it at a very lower price compared to the normal price it was bought or you do not have the opportunity to sell it all due to incessant depreciation.
          The wisest decision you can ever make in life is when you put discretion and prudence into action in whatsoever you are buying. The Place where people make mistake today is
when they are at the verge of purchase of certain product in their lives. Without any shadow of doubt, we have a lot of goods and commodities that are very much attractive in nature. We also have some that are very much imperative for home use, for personal use as well as for interpersonal use in the family. But the question is, is it of great priority?
     The way you spend the dividends that come out of your investment, will determine the rate at which your marginal balance will grow overtime. There is no doubt, when you make the first break, and you hit the jackpot, there is a tendency about you getting into excessive and profligate act of spending. You could be tempted to buy the latest autos in the town; you could be tempted about renting one of the best apartments in the country. To be candid, none of these things above listed is not bad but are not necessities because they serve as great harbinger to your investment growth.

    When you have a successful phase in your investment, the next thing for you to do is not to be throwing parties as the habit of some people. The tendency for you to venture in something like this would end in your ruin at the end of the day.
When you make your first break in any investment, you are strictly advised to make sure that you consider the strength of your capital which serves as the source of your income. Holistic form of consideration must be given your capital which serves as the platform through which you have gradual but ceaseless generation of income. In a situation like this you are advised that you should troop in some money in order to strengthen and boost the yielding strength of your capital.

     Of course, your friends and well wishers who might probably hear about your success are unlimitedly bound to pressurize you to take a wrong decision but this is where your discretion comes into play. Having the knowledge of the fact that making it in life is all about being prudent and wise in decision makings; you must make sure that you resist every fruitless counsel that could come from any direction.

     In a situation whereby you experience terrible challenges from people that may be leading to some kind of embarrassment and onslaught, then I suggest that you could go into buying of landed or housing properties. The amount you are having at hand might not be able to purchase a property in a township environment. Never mind you still can secure a landed property for yourself at a cheaper rate in a remote area. This is the logic. When you buy anything relating to landed property or housing property, they tend to ceaselessly increase in worth and value regardless of the environment and the location.

A landed property bought at the rate of five hundred thousand naira this year could be about two million naira in worth next year. This is because people are buying and building houses everyday, and no matter the amount in which people are ready to sell their properties, there will always be offers from different buyers and desperate interested applicants.

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