The New Driver's Licence: Frequently asked Questions.

For now you should have heard about the introduction of the new driver's licence for every eligible applicants for both existing users and prospecting ones.

Below are some of the facts as reported by the Business Day Monday 28th November,2011 concerning the New Driver's Licence. Kindly read carefully to guide you through the process of obtaining or replacing your old driver's licence before the deadline of August 31,2012

1. How do I replace my existing driver's licence with the new one? You will need to obtain an application form from the inspecting officer/States Board of Internal revenue rep at the driver's licence processing centre. Complete the form and then submit it. You will then need to make the required payment for the application online via pay4me or paydirect payment platforms or at any bank.

2. How much will the new driver's licence cost me? It will cost N6,000 only.

3. I just renewed my licence recently.Can I continue to use it until it expires? All old licences must be changed to the new licence on or before August 31, 2012.

4. I am a fresh applicant , What does it take to obtain the new Driver's licence? Fresh applicants should attend accredited driving schools , which will be required to sponsor all fresh applicants for the new Driver's licence.
5. Where can I find an accredited driving school?
A list of the accredited driving schools is provided on the driver's licence website: www.nigeriadriverslicence.org and at all driver's licence Processing centres.

6. How long will the new licence be valid for: It will be valid for three years. However, licence holders between the ages of 18 and 25 and those above the age of 65 will have to take driving and vision tests every year.

You may read many more questions and answers and apply and fill an online application form here: http://www.nigeriadriverslicence.org

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