What To Do After She Gives You Her Number. Learn these Simple tricks

Although getting a girl's number is not one of the easiest things to do in the world, following up on her after getting her number is actually a more difficult thing to do. Many guys usually get it wrong at this stage and if you get it wrong, your chances of winning the girl over is almost zero.

Let's look at it this way. If you succeed in
getting a girls number, what should you do when you get home? Here are the options you're faced with.

1. Call her immediately

2. Call her the next day

3. Wait a few days before you call her

Let's take a look at the three options.

Call Her Immediately

The advantage of this is that you will be following up on her when you're still "fresh" on her mind. If she liked you when you met her and got her number, speaking to her a few hours later won't be a bad idea.

The disadvantage is that you will appear desperate. It will look like you don't have a life and women, especially the beautiful ones do not like that.

Call Her The Next Day

The advantage is that you will still be on her mind the next day. That will encourage the "flow" that started the previous day.

The disadvantage is that you will still appear desperate. If she is a beautiful woman, she will likely have lots of guys falling over themselves to speak to her. If you call her the next day, you will simply join the list of "desperate" guys.

Call Her Days Later

The advantage here is that you will appear to her as someone that is not desperate to have her. It will look like you have a life (you should) and that is what women like. By calling her days later, you will be telling her that you won't be calling her (and bugging her) all the time if you eventually end up dating her.

The disadvantage is that there is a chance she would have forgotten about you. If she is a beautiful girl, a lot of other guys would have approached her and we cannot expect her to remember all the guys she meets.

If we look at the three options above, the best bet is the third option. You have more to gain than to lose. When you call her eventually, just let her know you're the guy that she met a few days ago. Tell her the number you're calling with is your number and that she can call you up if she'll like to. Be brief with your discussion. Make her believe you have a lot to do and make sure you hang us before she does.

Give her space before you call her again. Never put pressure on her. Be laid back. Be arrogant. Be confident. You will have a better chance with her with this approach.

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