Four Qualities Women Want In Men... Guys Take Note!

What do women REALLY want?

That is the question millions of guys all over the world wish they have an answer to. If someone knows what women want, he'll simply do those things and make the girls fall over him. A lot of people had tried to figure out what women, especially the beautiful ones want.

Okay, I admit it. I don't have all the answers to what women want. I don't claim to be a seer that sees what ordinary mortals cannot see. However, with my experience with women, I have been able to discover some of the things beautiful women
want. No. It's not about being nice to them. It's not about telling them how much you love them every hour of the day and its surely not by buying them expensive gifts.

So what do women want? Here are four qualities beautiful women love to see in men.

1. A Life Of Your Own

Attractive women do not like guys that do not have a life of their own. They don't want guys that will not be able to eat, sleep or work without seeing them. They want you to be independent.

2. Confidence

When a woman is with you, she wants you to be very confident of yourself. They want you to be able to handle any situation you find yourself in. They love to tap from such confidence.

3. Intelligence

Attractive women love intelligent guys. You should be well versed in general issues and you should be able to communicate very easily. You don't have to know about environmental issues or about nuclear physics. Just ensure you're able to communicate easily.

4. Funny

You should be able to make a woman laugh once in a while. I'm not suggesting you become a comedian overnight but cracking jokes a few times will make her more relaxed with you.

The list is not exhaustive but the qualities listed above are very critical to your success with women.
Source:  By Akin Alabi - http://www.ladykillertips.blogspot.com/

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