How to add Read More Option to Your Blogger Posts/Word press Blogs.

If you are a blogger or a wordpress.com author, you may need to consider using 'read more' option when you are making posts. It anticipates and excites you readers to click on the option and read more especially when you just started a very interesting article with a very good title.

Adding read more to your posts will also make your blog to look neat and orderly in the sense that your users can always read one article at a time and then they may proceed to read
other related tags or posts linked to your subject matter.

Read more option is a very good tool that you can easily insert within your article and it generally most used/put in the first paragraph of your writing.

How to ADD Read More Option:

If you are using blogger/blogspot to publish your articles online, finding the read more option is quite easy to locate from your dashboard. When you get to your dashboard, click on new post, type your articles in the space provided, I believe you know how to get to this place, after which, you just place your mouse to the line in which you want to add the read more option and then, look for an option among the links provided on top where you have different options. You will see something called 'insert jump break' that is the link for the read more option.

What you have to do is to click on publish and then there you go....!

View your blog in a new tab and it's there. For word press authors, you can easily see something link jump break or add read more to your post within your posting area.


I believe you have gained something.

Eniola Adewale


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