How to Register Your Business Name in Nigeria with CAC.

 This is a very important article you may love to read if you are thinking of registering your business name sooner or later. So read carefully. You do not need to buy any e-book from any marketer all you need to know about registering your business in Nigeria is here in simple steps.

- Determine (if you don’t have that already) the business name you want to register. Make it as clear and straight forward as possible to help your customers easily remember it. A simple business name may end
with concept, resources, technologies, enterprises, international etc.

-  Locate the Corporate Affairs Commission (CAC) office in your city and file a business name. You will be given the ‘name search’ form (Availability form) which costs N200, while the business name file/form cost N250, filling fee is currently N4000 and while filling, you are to provide your 2 recent passports photograph, write the full Nature of the business, the address and photocopy of relevant certificate(where the business is a professional one e.g Consultancy services, school, accounting/law firm E.t.c.)

- Endeavour to always meet with the Official of CAC when making payments and don’t forget to collect your receipts.

- If the name you filled is unavailable you may have to fill another one. If the result shows that your business name is available you can proceed to the third step.

- Fill the forms (ask questions where you are confused) and return. Make sure to collect receipt/proof of payment.

- Check back a week or two later and pick up your business name certification.

Note: You don’t need a lawyer to register your business name especially when you are not registering incorporations.

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