Naira Investment Club... You can make N20,000 every Wednesdays!

If you haven't heard... then you need to critically listen and read everthing to the end about this woderful club called NIC.
This is a program specifically made for people who like to help one another make money by networking.

Briefly here is how it works:

1. You are required to Register FREE with the club. It takes you less than
3 minutes.
2. After Registration, you are now a member but not entitled to any earnings or bonuses. 
3. You need to become Activated. You are required to pay a One-Time Fee of N3,000 only to be an ACTIVE Member.
4. After making payments, what next?
5. Start networking people into the club through your personalized referral link or username as you will be making N2,000 per every ACTIVE member you refer to the program. Consider referring 10 people per week, that is N20,000 for you!


Let me repeat it again here:

1. You make unending N2,000 per each ACTIVE downline/referral you have.
2. You also make indirect N500 from your indirect referrals, that is every time your active referral refers and Active referral, you earn another N500 per head!
3. This makes the program interesting and worth the time to invest.
4. You are also given FREE resourceful ebooks monthly.

How does the Club benefits from this?
1. They only make money if you make money. That is it.

They call it a Money Sharing Instant Club far better than any other Networking Investment you may think of. Already there are members who are earning as high as N100,000 monthly. Interesting?

How  you can make such a Huge Amount Monthly with Little Efforts:

1.  Organise seminars in many locations about this NIC program. Organise a FREE seminar and instruct
them on how to participate in the program and how it works as explained above, most times they will start registering FREE at the venue and always let them put your referral username when they are registering so that whenever they go and get activated, you will make your N2,000 per person.
You only need just 50 people to register and get activated to make your N100,000 cash!

2. You can print flyers and posters! This works like magic and when the people start calling you for more details, you should know how to attend to them! In the flyer, don't EVER forget to put your Referral username so they don't just go AHEAD and register without putting your referral username. Don't make the mistake! Let it be detailed enough for them to understand.

3. Another Effective method is by using Bulk SMS: You get contacts of phone numbers in their thousands. Blast them SMS monthly and see the results. I have always used this and it works well for me. Assuming you are sending messages to 1000 numbers monthly and only 5% of them responds, that is 50 people, you still make your N100,000!
So if you are interested you can go and register here and don't forget to put 'WAZOBIA' as your referral username.


Eniola Adewale

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