This article reveals profitable offline businesses that you can do right on your street. If you are still wondering from one office to the other, checking vacancies all around the place looking for job, with little capital as N10,000 you can start doing any of the following businesses in an open and very good location around you.

  1. Barber’s shop: Some may overlook this type of business. But it’s an income flowing stream of business that rarely fluctuates ones you start it. It thrives on every street because of the scores of youths, middle-aged men and girls and even ladies who need regular hair cuts. The business hits a low during the weekdays but picks up in the weekends
  1. A Shop
  2. Reliable Generator- a 5Kva I Pass-my-neighbor would be okay for a start.
  3. 2 or 3 quality clippers
  4. Liquid sterilizers
  5. Large Mirrors
  6. Cover cloths
  7. Revolving seats.
  8. T.V sets and a cd player.

  1. Food Canteen Business: Any food business will surely sell like crazy. Many people rich or poor may due to their schedules prefer to buy their breakfast rather than cook.
1 A space
2 Cooler of staples like boiled rice, fried plantain, boiled eggs, meat , stew and fish.
3. Bag of pure water along.

  1. Generator repairs: Most homes today have at least 1.5kva generator or a bigger one to take care of their power supply needs. Most families put on their generators at night when the whole family returns home. When you check on almost every street, you can easily see a generator repair shop. If you have a skill in this area, you can just set up one in your area and start making money helping your friends, colleagues, etc repair their sets.
  2. Phone Call Business: This has become the easiest to start for anyone without a paid job right now. Just a reliable not too expensive phone to make the calls is all you need and a postpaid line. Get a space, an umbrella, a plastic chair and table, and  a proactive mind plus a good customer friendly attitude. You may also introduce recharge card, sim card and snacks sales.
  3.  Football viewing centre: Football is a huge and big business right now making huge money for owners. Some of my friends are making up to N20,000 Weekly as pure profit.

  1. A DSTV Decoder
  2. Dish and monthly subscription
  3. T.V sets
  4. A space/apartment
  5. Benches
 With as much as N100,000 you can start this business.

  1. Provision stores: There is no street you won’t find a shop for provisions where things like toiletries, snacks, sweets, biscuits, brooms, juice, pure water bags, tin and sachet milk, batteries, wicks, bulbs, insecticides, are being sold. You can start with N10,000 and grow it from  there. The peak of the business periods are in the morning when workers, pupils and students prepare to head out for work
  2. Chemist/Drug Store: A drug store is a very essential business when it comes to health wise. You can testify with me that the street where you are, you can spot at least on chemist store there. People will always need multivitamins, painkillers, blood tonic, paracetamol, suspension for the teething baby. There is growing awareness for people to take care of their health and the nearest chemist store will be the one making the money. First aid treatments can also be gotten from the nearest drug store. But the location/site of your store is very and of utmost importance for it to be successful.
  1. Have the necessary training & certification needed.
  2. Keep only NafDac approved drugs in your store.
  3. A store/shop
  4. Get a source where you can always be getting the wholesales prices for your drugs especially from pharmaceutical companies.
  1. Hair dressing saloon: No street is ever complete without a saloon for ladies to make their hair or just to retouch every weekend. Some prefer to braid their hair and keep it for a long time due to lack of time to visit the saloon on a weekly basis. Working class women, students, and girls are always eager to look their best week in week out. So much money to be made in this business if you have the training or experience.
1 A shop in a good location
2. A few hands to work with you.
3. Dryers, rollers
4. 1.5 kva generator
5 Run an apprenticeship course and issue certificate.

I Fashion Design/Tailoring: If there’s a street without a tailor, you may be needed in that area now.
A 6 months to 2 years learning and training is needed to master in an area of fashion designing. Everybody has a tailor if you don’t know, and if you are good, people will start to patronize you heavily and even market you with word of mouth advertisement.

  1. Photography Business: Special occasion from naming, housing, warming, birthdays, wedding, get-together parties etc require photography. Cool money is to be made if you can make yourself available.

1 Operate from your room/get an office
2. Fairly good desktop computer and
3. Good printer of 15 – 20,000 that will print out the pictures.
4. Software like photoshop to edit and work on the pictures.
5. Be customer friendly.

  1. Boutique: Opening of the Nigerian importation market by relevant  government policies in the last few years has seen a steady rise in the number of people who import textile materials into the country today.
Consequently, there has been a rapid growth in the number of boutiques where imported items like shirts, suits, shoes, belts, and other accessories. There’s hardly no street around you where there are no boutiques, be it for men only, women –only , or sport wears.

Start up capital of about N50,000 is needed and a weekly profit could be as much as N5000 or more based on location, profit margin and supply.

  1. Sachet Water/Ice Block sales: The demand for portable water is highly demanded in every street and home.
You can start as a distributor of bags of sachet water or water from treated bore-holes if you have one in your house or apartment. Adding sales of ice blocks is an added revenue advantage.

  1. Kerosene sales: Many families where more than half of the population uses kerosene stove for domestic cooking. If you can start a dealership of this petroleum product, especially if you are able to get it directly from the depot and sell at wholesale prices to retailers your profit margin is usually high. Though may be a bit capital intensive and may be demanding when there are deliveries to be received from the depot. You can start as a retailer if you cannot go as far as that. Enough profits to be made.
  2. Food stuff sales: This is one business you cann do without running out of customers as households and food sellers are in need of food stuff like rice, beans, yam, maize, garri etc. Your profit is a certainty if you can preserve the food stuff very well. You can always see customer everyday to your shop.
  3.  Soft Drinks Sales: This is a profitable business you can start immediately either you get a shop or just decide to put up a sigh in front  of your apartment that reads. ‘soft drinks sold here’ You are bound to make your profit on a regular basis. You need a freezer or refrigerator to keep the drinks cool. You can also add snacks , egg rolls, doughnuts, etc

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