Factors to consider in a Man Before You Can Accept His Offer.

A young lady just knocked at the door of her parents in one morning
and declared to her parents that she is no longer interested in the
relationship with her husband. Her parents called her and asked her
not to ever embark on such a course because it is devastating. But the
young lady had made up her mind to end the relationship. About two
weeks later, she succeeded in having her divorce case granted.

        The problem of the lady in my story began from the inception
of her relationship with her former husband. During their courtship,
they never spent quality time to know much about themselves

they got wedded.
They neither checked their blood status as to know
whether any of them is not H.I.V positive nor did they bother to check
their genes to know whether they will be compatible or not. All they
cared about themselves during their courtship was to have fun together
and to visit the night clubs. The lady hardly knew about twenty five
percentage valuable character of the husband during the period of
their so called courtship.

           She never knew that her husband is a drug addict and a
wife beater at the same time. During the little period they spent
together, the earliest time the husband had ever come in the night was
11pm. anytime she ever tries to complain about that, it is going to be
a tug of war between the couples which would eventually result into
several forms of beatings and the use of malicious language on the

          The event that culminated the total misdemeanor of the
husband was when he sold the wife’s valuables in the home in order to
raise fund for his drug addict lifestyle. On this discovery the wife
got angry and decided to do what I narrated in the beginning of this

         Before a woman should go into any marriage relationship with
any man, there must be certain qualities that such a man must possess.
Getting a man of quality becomes very much important to ladies. But
the problem is how to get them. When a lady just goes into marriage
with a man she does not know about, it is like when she is putting
fire right inside her bosom which will seriously scourge her to her
very senses. It is always a disastrous adventure for any man or woman
to go into marriage with someone you do not know much about.

          During courtship both men and women are supposed to go into
in-depth research about each other. The need for them to know their
blood group as well as their genes become very much important so as
not to create problem for themselves at the junction of their
relationships when there will be nowhere to turn to. The idea of
having sex together before getting wedded must be jettison by any of
the prospective couples. None of the prospective couples should ever
handle any serious relating to any kind of incompatible trait found in
their partners with charity because it may have a negative effect on
both of them in the future.

For instance, prospective couples that
have the understanding that sealing up their relationship could be
harmful to their financial strength in the future as a result of
having a sickle cellar as a child.

        Every case relating to all these life threatening situations
and deficiencies in any of the prospective spouses must be discarded
but rather must be handled with all seriousness and with a view of
clairvoyance in order to know whether it will be suitable for both of
them or not.


Eniola Adewale


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