Get Rich or Die Trying: There are Financial Rules You Must Follow!

A boy woke up in the city of Lagos one morning and said “this money I
am going to have you, and I will make sure that I give whatever it
takes in getting you. If it means that I should engage in robbery, I
will do it. If requires that I should tell lies and manipulate my ways
through I will do it and get the money, in fact it takes that I should
sell my parents in order to have you money I will do it inasmuch I’m
going to get the reward of money” But this boy never understood that
getting money is not the bane of life but finding something to do in
order to compliment the effort and the life’s activities of others.

The sentence “get rich or die trying” depicts a lot of
picture in financial pursuance in life. It means that whatsoever it
takes I will make sure that I get that money and be rich. Just like
the boy had said that if it even takes that he should betray the
loyalty of his parents in the pursuit of money making, provided there
is going to be financial reward, he would do it. We have a lot of
people like this in our system today. We have some as friends, we have
some of them as parents and the worst part of the story is that we
have some of them as leaders in the nation as well as in the society.
Get rich or die trying pursuer of money is what we have most in the
economic system of the world, and this kind of mentality has a great
deal of disrupting and a collapsing effect on the economic system of
any nation.
         Let us take for example, that a particular personality is
elected as a leader of a nation, very ambitious but zealous of evil
works in the office. He wants to be rich at all cost not minding the
aftermath effect and result, and at the end of the day he ends up
sabotaging the funds of the whole community or the nation and ran
away. What will happen to the economic system of such a nation? Of
course it is obvious and prim a facie that the economic system of that
community or that nation will go down and be in shamble. The people in
such a society will suffer and there will be nothing to fall back
upon, because their main source of fund has been plundered by a “get
to rich or die trying leader” who would sacrifice the effort and the
well-being of his people for money making.
         The essence of this topic is to sensitize every reader of
this write up, those that may have the opportunity to stumble upon
this article in one place or the other, that the idea of seeking after
money with all entirety of ambition and zeal is wrong and must be
discarded. The way and manner people in the society seek after money
is rather too bad because it is sought after at the detriment of their
health, life, good homes, good relationships, and at the detriment of
their lives in particular.

              Considering the numbers of those that have ever
practiced the act of “get rich or die trying” we will discover that
they are very many in number but little have merely succeeded at the
game. The kind of success they had which can be considered as a “bad
success” in the sense that they only managed to get the money, but
they were unable to get the necessities of life such as good health,
integrity and peace. More so, they do not have any good service they
can render to people through the use of their money. The examples of
the people I am talking of are the scams, the robbers, government
swindlers, and the narcotic and drug pushers. Anybody going to these
extents in search of money and livelihood has gone beyond his boundary
and will always get more than the desired bargain.

         The phenomenon of internet scam popularly known as “yahoo yahoo” is another bane of the world economy, as a lot of young boys and girls have rather chosen to follow this path by neglecting the act
of true productivity.


Eniola Adewale


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