How To Maintain a Lasting Relationship.

One of the banes of life in every man and woman’s life is what we can
call inability to sustain a lasting relationship. The inability of men
to keep a lasting relationship in particular has been the reason why
there have been heartbreaks, disappointment and discouragement in the
lives of many.
This is said to be as a result of a deficiency that is
commonly found both in men and women. I have seen a lot of men
have been disappointed by women before. The numbers of disappointed
ladies by men are also innumerable in this league.

          Everything seems to be in disorganized form in the society.
Today you will witness a lady crying all because she had been
disappointed by her fiancé while tomorrow you see a man filling for
divorce all in the name of gross misconduct by his wife. All these
occurrences have been running con-currently in our society and little
have we been able to do about it. Except something meaningful is done
about this, we will have more of emotionally traumatized people in our
society than it is expected.

           Keeping a relationship is very much important in ones
life. It is said to be a blessing in a mans life, and it is also
regarded as a sign of good strength of character, if a man is able to
keep a relationship or even two as the case may be individually.

           Relationship can be categorically divided into sub-two
relationships. The first one is the relationship between a man and a
woman. And the second one is the one that exists between two people of
different gender regardless of the age differences sometimes, provided
that both parties have reached the stage of adulthood. In this article
I will be considering the relationship that exists between two people
of opposite sexes. It is a kind of relationship that is universally
designed for those who are ripe for marriage.  
This kind of relationship is generally believed to be for the matured personalities
in the society. It is not the rather venture for boys and girls as it
is commonly seen and experienced in our society today.

          To back our point of view, I will like to say that the
major reason why some men and women cannot sustain a lasting
relationship is a result of their lack of mental and experiential
maturity. A man or a woman will always find it very difficult to cope
with someone who lacks every sense of understanding of the things of
life. Such partners seem to always find fault in the character and in
the lifestyle of their spouses.

When I say the things of life it simply means that the guided principle through which every activity in
life is being operated and at the same time revolves around. You see
most of the ladies we have out there are just like baby wives when
they get married. They tend to possess a kind of character that does
not have any correlation of any kind with the sort expected of an
adult. Imagine a lady who does not have the basic understanding of how
to cook a delicious meal, reporting to her parents that her husband
does not eat her meal at all; and that the husband always eats either
in the office or in his parents place before he ever reaches home
everyday of their relationships.

But thank for the understanding of the parents who counseled that her husband have found something
disliking in her meal and that has served as the basic reason why her
hubby has refused eat and to come on time ever since they got wedded.

         The parents really understood the problem of their daughter,
but they deliberately asked her to cook them a meal in order to break
her wall of defense which she put on when she was confronted by the
parents. She finished the meal and the parents had a taste, imagine
how horrible the taste of the food was. It was too salty and spicy,
besides that, the taste and the flavor of the food she prepared
expected to be like that of fried rice but she managed to produce the
one that looked like a burnt mashed potatoes and broccoli.

          Once again thanks for the help and the mentoring of her
parents. She was then tutored on how to cook delicious meals that
would be satisfying even to her husband at the end of the day. The
idea of what I am emphasizing here is that the reason some of the
ladies have not been able to maintain a good relationship with their
spouses is not a reason that erupts just in a day but ever since their
childhood while still with their parents. Many ladies have been over
spoilt by their parents to the extent that they do not have the little
understanding of how to make their spouses have the felling of
enthrallment about them. I think this is rather devastating.

         The act of charming your husband with ordinary outward
beauty cannot work out in your marriage because it will backfire at
the end of the day
. One of the things that men love in a woman is
simplicity, good cooking habit, dexterity, and inward virtues that
make men almost go crazy about a woman. Mind you, your outward beauty
can only last in the sight of your husband when you incorporate all
these goodly virtues into your demeanor.


Eniola Adewale

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