How to survive without a job.

 Being unemployed can be a challenging task, It normally brings up questions as how can I pay bills? How can I get a job? How do I feed? These are important situations that are more common than you can think.
The important thing here is that you can really survive time without a job. This article is not intended to encourage you to fold your hands and be idle.

In fact, the employment market is precarious and the sooner
you get back out there, the sooner you’ll be earning a steady income.

-         Consider a part-time job: Keep yourself busy by engaging your self with a part time job. It also stave off depression and make you feel useful and productive. It may open up an opportunity  for full time employment, and if not, it shows other potential employers that you are not lazy.

-          Utilize your savings:  Probably, you’ve been putting money  away into an emergency fund. Now is the time to use it. This situation of unemployment qualifies you to tap into your savings. If you don’t have a savings account, then take this as an experience and start one when you begin new job.

-         Stay away from credit: Don’t put yourself into debt. Credit cards, loans and home equity lines of credit. The general rule in the credit game is that you don’t borrow any more than you are able to repay, and without your regular income, your ability to repay is minimal. Don’t borrow money from friends, family rather rely on them for support for financial help when need be.

-         Create a plan for your spending: Always spend within your means and not above it. No matter how you look at your budget your bills need to be paid, and you have less money now to accomplish this. Make a list of all your regular expenditures and all your sources of income. Also list areas where you spend money on non-necessities and plan to cut them out.

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