Is Divorce The Right Answer?

For about few decades now, we have been witnessing an avalanche
rate of divorce in the world. Despite much of the awareness and
seminars that have been given to couples about the danger in seeking
solace in resovling to divorce as the best option to their marital
problems,yet the rate of divorce still increases unprecedentedly.
       Considering the rate at which it increases and the
distributive rate. I can say the actual result for this might not be
easily fathom, notwithstanding
we still have series of represented
data that gives a very close statistics of the rate of divorce in the
        From our research, we discover that the percentage rate of
divorce in the in the world has increased up to about 50% which amount
for the total sum of 11% of men and 27.6% of women under the age of
20, 36.6% for women and 38.8% for men above 24 years of age, 36.6% for
women and 38.8% for men between the age range of 25 to 29, 8.5% for
men and 11.6% for women between the age range of 30 to 34, and 5.1%
for women, while 6.5% goes for women between the age range of 35 to

If we take a thorough scrutiny of these statistics provided above you
will discover that it is uncalled for and should be seriously
harnessed before we start experiencing uncontrollable globally.
         Talking about the factors constituting the numerous cases of
divorce in different levels in the world. Sometimes we discover that
these are factors that do not call for much attention yet we see
several numbers of couple using this as an alibi to file for divorce.

     There are minor situations like differences in diets,
differences in background beliefs and personal idiosyncrasies,
interpersonal clothing preferences i.e (of husband for wife and vice
versa) and self imposition. If we will carefully verify all these
factors thoroughly, we will arrive at the fact that they do not worth
filing divorce for. A woman who is married to a man having differences
in background or beliefs can successfully live with her spouse without
any form of divorce, though the way she addresses situations and
matters would determine the rate of her success in the course of her

By the barely listings of these factors and explaining some of them
like I just did does not signify that i am trying to undermine any
other reasons in which some couples may be having which might be
strong before going into divorce. However, I will like to say that it
is better that you avoid what we call divorce because it would not
help you at all. I am not saying that because of certain property in
which you might loose to your wife if you are a man. I am saying
because of your future, especially if your marriage is blessed with
children. You must not stand the thought of having your children being
brought up by a single parent when both of you as parents are still

    Your children are your products and otherwise known as your
representatives and heirs.
When you die they inherit you and live on
your name. It is how these children are brought up in their teenage
years that will determine the rate and the extent of their success and
how responsible they would be in the future. I am as well very sure
that you desire grown up and responsible successful adults as
children, if so why wouldn't you rather stay away from divorce today
and if you have undergone any it is not too late you can solve it.

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