Naira-Land.com For Sale! Potential Million Dollar Name similar to NairaLand.com

If you checked this website, www.nairaland.com and www.naira-land.com there may or may not be more comparison from the two depending on the angle you are looking at it.

Today, Nairaland.com is a forum website with over 700,000 members.Specifically made for Nigerians, home and abroad, but also didn't fail to get huge and high traffic from India, UK, USA too. The owner makes more than $30000 every single month from that website just from adsense!

One thing about internet marketing is when you spy into other top niche keywords like that and you still have a relative and almost the same keyword but a dash making the difference, that is naira-land.com and nairaland.com. Getting such a name can be a million dollar investment if you know how to maximize it, like its twin-nairaland.com

Therefore, naira-land,com is available for sale, if interested kindly contact us or leave a reply in the comment form below and we shall get back to you soonest on how to buy it from us


Eniola Adewale

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