Pinging Services: Alert the Search Engines On Each Post Updates of Your Blog.

If you are a blogger like me, that love writing and blogging, then you shouldn't forget pinging your blog every time you update it that is, after writing a new article. Pinging your blog to these services will ensure that your blog gets easily indexed and also the search engines are notified that your blog has been updated!

You may not know that the search engines like blogs so much that they always ranked very high than most websites. That is why apart from having a website, you can consider
a blog also where you can easily edit it, add new posts, latest news, make changes etc...

Now, back to pinging services.

As soon as you get your blog updated, try pinging it immediately with the following pinging services:


Pinging with one directory may be good to go. I have always used both. I sometimes interchange them.

Within few hours, you'll notice that your new posts would be seen in the search engines faster than not pinging them.
Search engine spiders will usually crawl your contents immdeiately when they are notified and index them.

This does not mean you should learn to drive traffic to your website. See  related articles here on how to drive traffic. Hope it also helps you.

The pinging websites have the various niches and areas where you want your article to be alerted. It is reasonable to tick all sections and niches because you may not know where the traffic will come from.

See Ya!

Eniola Adewale

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