5 Things You need to Making Money Online a Reality.

You must have been searching, reading different e-books, software. You may have even attended both FREE and Paid seminars on how to run an online business, make money on the internet, tried various techniques and still discovered that you just have been wasting your time and money. 

This article discourses fully what you need, the requirements to put in place to run and succeed in your online business, if you strictly follow them.

1. Get a Mentor: Many people are yet to understand the importance of mentoring to making money online, some just think they can just jump in into an online business and start making the dollars. It takes more than that! A mentor is some one who has been there before you, who has the relevant experience on how the business works, who has really made the money, who practices what he/she preaches. Look for one today and follow his/her steps to make money online. Some one says, if you can do what others are doing rightly that yields results, you too can do it.

2. Hard Work/Perseverance: Making money online will not start suddenly. Even after you have learned from a mentor, it still takes some extra efforts, reading, trials and research from you before you can be perfect. Some of my students starting making money online in three months after training, some 1 week, some even up to 1 year before they could earn their very first dollar.

3. A Website:  Having your own website is of utmost importance in running your online business. Many have claimed that you don't need a website to make money online, though may be true in some sense, but to clear all doubts you MUST have your own website. Maybe you want to start selling a product or service online and you don't have a website, how will you market yourself.  Let's face the reality, you will appear real and serious when you have your own website where people can reach and contact you. It is your online office.

4. Sell something: The Multi-millionaires you see online all have the same thing in common. They sell something, which can be either a product or service. Do not be deceived, making money online is not gambling, kalo kalo, guess trading, but the totally Risk FREE Information/service rendering. Facebook owner makes his revenue from selling adverts space on the website. He earns billions of dollars yearly! Ewen chia, the top notch information marketer earns his money by selling information helpful products online using his website, you can also run services online in form of membership websites, online portal, exchange services, run an e-commerce website, get a forum running and sell advert space or make money from Google Adsense, have a blog and blog to make money through various ways.

5. Attend a Seminar: I'm not saying you should attend any just seminar about making money online on anything. Attend a seminar to update your knowledge on what you know already to get the latest techniques, software, etc

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