How to Make Money As a PocketMoni Agent.

Pocket Moni is a platform service introduced by eTranzact for the sole purpose of mobile money services.
If you have been following my posts on my previous articles, you should by now know more about how it works.
You may read more about how to register eTranzact PocketMoni here!

Today, It's about the opportunities available for those who wish to become agents to eTranzact PocketMoni.
You can actually make N50,000, N100,000 and N250,000 monthly as an agent with PocketMoni.

You are only required to do the following:

- Get your own pocket moni account as a user
- Become activated with N2850 with any PocketMoni agent/Aggregator/Super agent in your location.
- Fill the form and provide the necessary requirements.
- Get your AgentID or the Agent code.
- Start business, Register users,
- And make your money.

How do you make money?

- You are required to have a minimum floating balance of N20,000 minimum to get your business started. You may also have an office to be operating from.

- Register users free using your Agent ID, and make 25% from the monthly transactions charges. The more users you have, the more money.

- You can also make money from the transactions that your users do with you. For examply, you can always charge them a fee when they deposit, make withdrawals, pay for bills etc.

It can be a life long passive income for you if you get started right away and rake in millions of users under you.

How to get More Users?

The best way to promote your self and get many users is to tell people. Word of mouth advertisement works like magic.

Tell your friends, collegues, family members, co-workers etc and you can never know how your network could extend.

You may register users directly from your PocketMoni platform. The facility is there. You can also register users by letting them send a text to 20220. Tell them to register in this format by sending a text:

                                 REG FIRSTNAME LASTNAME AGENT ID. 

For example:  Reg Eniola Adewale 000774  . Note that 000774 should be your Agent ID.

By this, they can easily register and you won't miss out as their agent.

That is it for Now! 
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Eniola Adewale

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  1. how many states in nigeria does pocket moni operates nd mayb i live in ph,nd i travel to lag,cn i withdraw moni 4rm my pocket moni acount in lag?

  2. Virtually all the states in Nigeria now have pocket moni service agents. Yes you can always withdraw your money from any bank, agent or fellow pocketmoni user.

  3. Can you please explain to me how feasible one can make N250,000 as an Agent?


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