How to use 2go to Chat on your BlackBerry Phone.

Blackberry phone users can now start to chat with their friends both on facebook, gtalk, mxit using the 2go app which is the reining mobile social network messenger now! Before we discovered that most people find it  extremely difficult using 2go app on their blackberry phones...the solution to this problem is about to be revealed. The major problem of blackberry user not able to use 2go on their phone is the issue of not
connecting to the internet or 2go not showing the keypad on blackberry storm 1 and 2.

 Simple follow this steps:


-You need to have credit on your blackberry or you subscribe to any of the data bundle available before 2go can work on your blackberry phone,

Goto Menu > Options > Advance Options > TCP/IP, then fill in the Info into your Settings as seen below:

Tick “APN Authentication
Username for APN: web

Password for APN: web

 Then press Menu key > Save. 

 That is it!

Now you can launch the application to see. There we go!


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