6 Designing Mistakes to Avoid in Your WebDesigns.

 Some websites are so well designed that they immediately register in the visitor's mind. Do you want that? Creating such websites is tough yet exciting business and it separates a good Web Design Company from an average one. A good web development company will design your website considering your needs, your audience and above all your business. Here are SIX Mistakes that should be avoided while designing a website.

1. Over Designing - Over designing can be devastating as it creates a form of distraction to your visitors and instead of focusing on what you have to offer- your products and services, they are carried away. We are not saying good designs aren't good but do not over do it!

2. Easier to Read - You might be impressed with the use of fancy fonts and color scheme in the website but it may not impress the visitors. The fonts should be legible from a distance and there should be contrast between the background and the text, that is why it is always advisable to invite a third party to read your contents before you upload your website and take notes of any comments.

3. Standard Screen Resolution -. The current standard is 1024x768 pixels but this keeps on changing, just follow the normal trend and keep your customers.

4. Inconsistency - You need to make sure that your website is uniform in terms of color scheme, structure; fonts etc. If you are keeping to only three different colors, do so through out all your pages. This is to ensure uniformity and consistency.

5. Poor Navigation -. Navigation should be prominently highlighted and the user should know where he is and where to go easily. Do not over crowd your pages and designs.

6. Avoid Background Music- This could irritate the visitors. It also adds to the page load time of the website. Get one thing clear, most visitors look for efficiency and not fancy items in a website.

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