Does Adsense Accept P.O BOX to Receive Checks?

Many have been asking me the possibility of putting P.O Box address as contact and check receiving address when applying for an adsense account. There is a myth which people tend to believe that adding a p.o box to your online activities may not be a good idea. Though, there are many angles to look at this notion, but what is most important is the terms and conditions attached to the website/company/organization guiding the acceptance of the type of address they require. Some other internet business websites just won't allow a P.O Box.... but not Google! So here is how to collect your payments faster and more securely than using a house address.

If you have been looking for a secured and faster way get your adsense checks, you can start using a P..O Box with any of these General Post Offices or simply use DHL services to handle your cheques collection.

I personally use both services at any time based on some factors like getting my money faster, I opt for the secured DHL services in my area. What you just have to do is to contact them at their office and tell them you'll like to receive a letter using their services.

You'll be instructed to use their office address and put C/O followed by your name and the address you shall be given.

Note that when you are receiving checks for secured delivery option, it will take up to 5 days before getting to Nigeria or wherever you are expecting it to go to.

Post Office, P.O Box may take up to 3 weeks, I use this service too when I do not need the money urgently.

What You Must Have in Mind:

1. Do not forget to update your adsense address early enough to take effect in the next payment cycle, otherwise they'll still send the checks to your old address.

2.  Do not repeatedly change your adsense address any how to avoid suspicious activities on your account. But you would you be changing your address any how in the first place?

3. This advice is to enable you get your adsense payments faster and easily.

4. You must have successfully received your first address pin from Google before you can start changing address.

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