How to Get Temporary UK address for your Click Bank Account.

Happy weekend to you my friends, Today I've got a nice topic to throw. It's about the so much talked clickbank account opening, how to operate a click bank account right from Nigeria?, How to cash your click bank checks?, how not to be disabled by clickbank? How to get a UK click bank address?

These are some of the issues that have bordered so many Nigerians who want to venture into affiliates marketing through marketing and selling click bank digital products online. So many have been said about click bank by many internet marketers, ebooks, magazines etc But today...........

I shall BASICALLY be telling you how to get a click bank address to use for your account when registering.

You need to know that Click Bank does not put Nigeria among the listed countries on their registration for. So, but we as Nigerians who may be residing in the United Kingdom, US, Australia and you still wish to take part can be considered to have an account. This is provided all the details you will be supplying are not related to Nigeria.

Therefore, it implies that as a Nigerian, where ever you are even in Nigeria, you can have a click bank account. You can only process your address or payments outside Nigeria.

The simple way to get your click bank address is to use a Temporary address in the UK  (United Kingdom).


- Getting to use a temporary UK address is easy and stress free!
- You don't have to provide a SSN Social Security Number as required when you use a US address!
- You skip the stress of paying for a virtual address now for later when you must have earned enough money - for yourself to buy one later!

How do you go about it?

- Open a google browser search and type in UK addresses, or Addresses in the United Kingdom!
- Search brings up so many uk addresses you may use for your click bank account opening.

Important Information:

Make sure you increase your payment threshold in your account to about $1000 so you can really enjoy your address and to enable you have enough money to purchase a virtual uk address service online. A good service you may use is My-Uk-Mail. They process, receive and deliver your mails on your behalf!

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  1. Thanks for this educative information. This can really assist in saving the day for incoming internet marketers who may not know how to go about getting information on virtual address.


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