How to get Your Bank Sort Code.

The New CBN Initiative requires that you have a sort code before you can receive or transfer funds to some one in Nigeria or abroad.

What is the Sort Code?

A sort code identifies a specific branch of a bank. It has 9-digits. first 3 are the bank's code, the next is the location and the last 5 are for the branch of the bank that you are receiving or
want to send money to.
 It is printed on every single checkleaf, the middle set of characters on the MICR line.

The use of sort code is for security purposes as I wonder why we haven't been using such recently in local banking transactions except for international transfers.

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You may also contact your bank for more information to get your branch sort code.


Eniola Adewale


  1. Being close to the bank manager will benefit a lot. It will give the access to have this code and more if you have good relationship.

  2. Hi Bank Lending Criteria, I may disagree with you in some sense, Generally the Bank should be friendly and open to their customers without favoritism. So either you are close to the Bank manager or not, should not be a problem to getting the necessary benefits and information obliged to a rightful customer.

    Thanks for commenting on my blog.

  3. Bank Lending CriteriaTuesday, 01 May, 2012

    Yes, you have a point there. It might be a little straight, however what I'm trying to say is that if you have a special relationship, not really a "favorite" though with the bank, because there are banks who will not give you their information if you are not a frequent visitor. As for my experience.

  4. Hi Bank Lending Criteria, I got what you are trying to say in that regard. Most bank managers would always disclose latest gist and infos to their well known customers or we put it-friends before even getting public. It is one of those things anyway. Thanks for dropping by again.

  5. I agree with Bank Lending Criteria that if you are a customer of a bank than you will have a special relationship with it! You can get more info then other people. And i think thats a good thing

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  6. Isn't it possible for cbn 2 spool out all d banks, their branches and d sort codes? This could be made available on CBN's website.Some of use deal with a lot of banks and require this information on d go.


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