The New MTN Internet Bundle Plans and Codes.

With the New MTN Browsing plans and Internet Bundles, you can start browsing all the way to the internet either using your enabled mobile phone or the MTN Fastlink modem.

In summary, the New MTN´s Monthly (30 days Validity) Internet Plans offer 250MB @ N1300, 500MB @ N2000 and 1GB @ N3500. The fast browsing as it relates to MTN is dependent on the area of location that you are browsing from.

How to Get Started with the Subscription codes :
Send a text containing any of the below plans/guides from your enabled browsing phone:

Text “104" to 131 for 10MB @ #100/day
Text “105" to 131 for 25MB @ #400/week

Text “106" to 131 for 100MB @ #1000/month
Text “109" to 131 for 250MB @ #1300/month
Text “110" to 131 for 500MB @ #2000/month
Text “111" to 131 for 1GB @ #3500/month

Kindly Note: That pay as you go will cost you only 5 kobo/KB, that is for those who are not using the bundle plans. This is highly costly and I do not advice you to engage in this one. It eats your money fast!

So, If you have any questions on this topic, kindly feel free to comment on this New MTN Plans, though not New...

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