Top 6 Website Hosting Companies that You can Use!

If you are looking to build a website for your online business, or simply wanting to get your Blog(s) noticed more on the Internet, one thing that you need to have is Internet Hosting. Rather than opting for free blogs, you can get small cash and buy an Internet Hosting plan.With this, you can have  the tools to build a better and more successful website and online business.

Most people think that all you need to start a website is a Domain name.

This is not true. Without a Host, you miss out on so many tools that you need to build your website. All a Domain name is, is an Internet address, it is not the web page that you look at, and see when the website loads. A Domain name is simply the URL, or what you type in your address bar, to go to the website.

If you are serious about starting a website, it is a great idea to purchase your hosting services first. This is simply because you can "usually" get a FREE Domain name, when you sign up with the host company. Most people go out and buy a Domain name first, thinking that is all they need to start a website. Shortly after purchasing their Domain name. They find out that they need hosting services as well. Then they come to find out that they could have received their Domain name for free, when they buy their hosting services.

By selecting a Hosting Company you gain access to tools such as drag and drop site builders, auto responders, website e-mail addresses, website statistics, php, sql, scripts, website templates, mailing list building programs, and many more.

In addition, in some cases when you sign up with an Internet Hosting Company, "usually" you will receive coupons, or discounts, on Internet Traffic services, such as, Google Adwords. As you can see, it is essential to have an Internet Hosting Company supporting you and your website. Even the most experience website designers use these functions, and these hosting companies.

I have compiled a list of the TOP 6 Internet Hosting Companies, to help you get the best quality for your budget.

In this list you will find information about what features you can find from each Internet Hosting Company, so that you can compare each company against each other, and select the company that is perfect for you and your budget.

Host Gator
Go Daddy


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